Ikoyi Collapse:Approval was Obtained for 21 – storey building not 15 as Claimed by LASBCA-Lagos

In the midst of rumour that the collapsed Lagos building deviated from its original approval, Lagos State government has explained that there was no discrepancy in the building plan.

Deputy Governor Obafemi Hamzat said approval was actually for a 21-storey-building, but something went wrong with the construction.

Recall that a statement attributed to suspended LASBCA General Manager claimed that the owner of the building secured approval for 15 storey building

According to Hamzat , something must have gone wrong during the construction, which was what the government was trying to ascertain.

“This particular building was approved for 21 floors, not 15. It was approved about three years ago. Nothing new, the approval was actually for 21 floors,” he said.

“At a time when this happened, they were not constructing, they were making corrections.”

He stated that as of the time the building collapsed, the developers were not constructing but making corrections to the observation of the Lagos State government. –

Rescue operations are still ongoing at the site of the collapsed building.

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