Actress Explains how She was Scammed at Filling Station

Nollywood actress, Victoria Kolawole has said that she was scammed by a man, who claimed to be a fan of hers at a filling station she had gone to get fuel.

The actress said that she had been on the fuel queue when she saw the “Innocent-looking guy” who claimed to be her fan and offered to help her get fuel in a keg. She gave him money and the keg, unfortunately, he didn’t return.

Sharing her story on Instagram, she said, “So I went to the filling station today but too much queue so I couldn’t come down from the car 🤦‍♀️ luckily for me I saw this innocent looking guy, he came to me and said he’s my fan🤣 he promised to help me get the fuel so I gave him money and my keg, still gave him extra money 🤦‍♀️ till now I no see the guy or the fuel.”

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