Dancing Security Guards not Fired, Says Chicken Republic

Videos of two security guards at a Chicken Republic outlet dancing heartily to music made rounds on the internet.

While everyone was excited by their dance moves, there was a rumour that they were fired from their position as security guards.

Twitter users were not happy with this supposed development and called out the company.

Chicken Republic has released an official statement denying claims that they were fired.

In a statement posted on their official Instagram account, they wrote “The two security guards in the video work for a private security company.”

“When the management of the private security company saw the two security guards dancing in the video, they had concerns that the security officers whilst dancing were not necessarily conducting their duties responsibly and as such were not fully focused on the core of their duty which is your safety and security…”

“We have followed up with the security company and they have assured us that the security guards have not been fired, have been paid their dues and offered some retraining. We value your communication and we have heard you.”

From the statement, it appears that public opinion had a prevailing influence in deciding to retain the security guards and they might not be dancing on duty anymore.

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