Student Dies while playing role in Good Friday Crucifixion

25-year-old Nigerian student slumped and died while playing the role in the reenactment of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ on Good Friday.

Suel Ambrose, a student of philosophy at the Clariantian University in Nigeria, stunned the audience who thought his death was part of the play to depict the crucifixion; death and resurrection of Jesus Christ to celebrate Easter.

Soon after he slumped, Ambrose began bleeding and was isolated.

He was playing the role of St Peter in the traditional staging of the Passion of Christ at the university in Nigeria.

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The 25-year-old fell to the ground after the biblical scene where he cuts the ear of one of the soldiers in an effort to prevent Jesus’ arrest.

He was taken to hospital but could not be saved.

“Initially when it happened we thought it was a joke, and that it was part of the drama,” a witness at the university told Vanguard.

“It was when he could not get up that was when we knew it was a serious matter.

“Everybody came together and rushed the deceased to a school hospital and later, when the case became worse, he was taken to a nearby Federal Medical Center.

“It was from there we heard he could not survive it.”

Ambrose’s friends who were shocked by his ‘play-like’ demise said the late student has been vocal about his aspiration to train to become a priest after school.

Clariantian University through the priest in charge of Students Affairs, Chukwuemeka Iheme, said the school would address the matter later.

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