Naira Crunch: Sanwo-Olu Goes Tough on Extortionists

Fellow Lagosians,

This address is necessary in view of the ongoing situation in the country, regarding the change of currency notes and the attendant hardships being faced by ordinary Lagosians.
First, let me thank you the good people of Lagos for your patience and unwavering perseverance even in these challenging times.

This is a heartfelt call to you, as your Governor, to please remain calm at this time, and avoid all forms of violence, arson and rioting. Even in the face of the difficulties and frustrations being faced by all, violence and destruction should not and will never be the answer.

We have noticed with dismay the rampant incidents surrounding some of the players in the financial services value chain (POS Agents/Operators); as well as petrol station attendants who have taken the current challenges to mean an opportunity to extort hard working and law abiding Lagosians with extortionate service charges on funds withdrawal and sale of PMS.

Let me appeal to those involved in such behavior to desist from such sharp practices. It is especially in difficult times like these that we all need to be our brothers’ and sisters’ keeper and do everything we can to contribute to lessening the hardships faced by our fellow Lagosians. This is not the period to sacrifice empathy, compassion, and humanity on the altar of profit making.

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