Chinese Women’s Federation celebrates International Women’s day, Mother’s day

Nigerian Overseas Chinese Women’s Federation
Organized a banquet to rejoices and celebrates with mothers in the country in commemoration of the International Women’s Day and Mothers.Day.

The event which took place at the South East Asia Music Restaurant, Lagos, was full of dishes both local and continental, drinks, karaoke and lots of fun, as guests from Nigeria and Chinese residing in Nigeria relaxed to enjoy the event.

Speaking at the event, Zhou Jun, President,
Nigerian Overseas Chinese Women’s Federation urged the men to celebrate their women.

Jun said, “Borrowing the famous saying of the famous female writer Bing Xin: “If there are no women in the world, the world will lose at least five tenths of truth, six tenths of goodness, and seven tenths of beauty.” Our women in Lagos are soft and strong, and we are hard and soft, usually we don’t give up to men, but today we give up to men, and I suggest to all the male compatriots here, please cherish and love the women around you.”

Furthermore Jun said, “The aims of the Women Federation is to care and give back to the local society, which the federation is doing through different donations to orphanages, students, schools and other local vulnerable groups.”

“Our aim is to integrate into the local mainstream society, promote and disseminate Chinese culture, while also to communicate actively and interact with local, international and non-governmental charities in Nigeria, we are able to do all this through the support of the office of the Consular General of the Consulate of the People’s Republic of China in Lagos.”

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Also in attendance, Irmgard Williams of the IJAMIDO Children Home, Ota, ogun state, a German citizen in Nigeria thanked the federation for their generousity.

Williams said, “I bring you greetings from the IJAMIDO Children Home, the children wishes the federation a happy celebration, the Children who were very small then, are now grown up, as some have finished their education, some are married, while some are now university lecturers, we thank the federation for their numerous support to the children home.”

Also, the Director of the Consulate of the People’s Republic of China in Lagos, Wang Chunzhen, said, “Mother is the greatest benefactor in our life and the most important supporter and reliance on our growth path, maternal love is like a wave, tolerant and selfless, they nurture us, educate, support and make us more determined and confident on the road of life.”

“Today, let us express our gratitude and blessings to all mothers, thank them for their time, energy and hard work for us, thank them for their selfless love and care, and wish all mothers good health, joy and happiness.”

“At the same time, we also want to take this opportunity to call on the whole society to pay more attention to the family and care about the health and welfare of mothers. We want every mother to get the respect and care they deserve, so that they can fully develop and show themselves in the family and society.”

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