Ailing Woman Gets Court Backing to Kill Self

An Australian young woman, Lily Thai, 23, prepares to take her own life because of a disorder that keeps her in a constant state of pain.

According to South Australia’s voluntary assisted dying laws, which the state enacted in January, Thai will die on Wednesday, Daily Mail reported on Monday.

Thai, who has been diagnosed with auto-immune autonomic ganglionopathy, is unable to move and battles with unbearable pain from a rare condition where a person’s body attacks their own nervous system and leaves her bedridden.

She signed the paperwork last week confirming her decision at Flinders Medical Centre’s Laurel Hospice in Adelaide’s south, where she was receiving palliative care.

Thai said, “I decided that pain was so severe it wasn’t worth it, and I just wanted to take it into my own hands.”

She has been battling health issues since 17-year-old after she was first diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and later an upper respiratory infection that left her unable to walk, use her bowels, or eat or drink without getting sick.

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